My ePortfolio Journey 2016-2018

Me talking in a workshop circle at the CIRCLe symposium

Here is a timeline of my involvement with ePortfolio making and the UBC Arts ePortfolio program starting from my 3rd year GIS class to the present! This post will be updated as I continue to collaborate with the UBC Arts ePortfolio program.

Winter 2016/Spring 2017 - Learning to Reflect through ePortfolios

Introduction to GIS and ePortfolios

(This is an image from my old ePortfolio originally made in 2016! Click to see this full post on my current site)

I began this ePortfolio site as a mandatory credit for my course but over time it has become integral to my academic and professional life.


Arts ePortfolio "Why Create an ePortfolio?" Videos

(Click to watch the full video and more!)

I was invited to speak about my experience with ePortfolios for a video that would be used to share the platform in presentations to UBC classes.

I also began speaking with students in undergraduate visual arts, First Nations and Indigenous studies, and philosophy classes as an ePortfolio ambassador on how to use ePortfolios for academic work and job searching.


Arts ePortfolio of the Year 2016/17 Contest - 1st Place Winner

In the first ever Arts ePortfolio of the Year contest, I won 1st place! :) Here is some feedback I received during the announcement:

"The judges were impressed with the quality of your coursework artifacts and the summaries you wrote to contextualize them. Your obvious hard work on your ePortfolio has results in a clear, organized, and focused demonstration of your learning in the past year." - Letitia of the Arts ePortfolio Initiative

Going full circle, I was one of the judges for the following Arts ePortfolio of the Year 2017/18 contest!



Spring 2018 - Sharing my Experiences with Peers, Faculty, and UBC Staff

Capture, Integrate, Reflect and Connect Learning with ePortfolios (CIRCle) Symposium 2018

In May 2018, I was invited to speak on a panel for the CIRCLe Symposium, a one-day symposium hosted by UBC Arts and the Center of Learning, Teaching, and Technology to discuss "how learning can be processed and represented using ePortfolios and online platforms". In my presentation, I reflected upon my ePortfolio journey thus far and transition from my old site which mostly showcased a linear learning path of GIS-focused works to this current site which explores a wider multi-dimensional and multidisciplinary range of my course work and extracurriculars.

Session 1: Capturing and Reflecting the Learning Process through ePortfolios
Presentations by faculty and students, followed by audience group discussions. This session addresses how learning can be processed and represented using e-portfolios and online platforms, focusing on the role of reflective inquiry.

(Click to learn more about CIRCLe 2018)

I presented on the following prompts:

  1. What do online platforms capture that other forms might not?
  2. How can students use e-portfolios in more critical and reflexive ways?

(Click to view the full slideshow on the CIRCLe site)

To learn more, a recording of the presentation can be found here.

Winter 2018/Spring 2019 - ePortfolio Peer Mentor

From September 2018 to March 2019, I worked as a part-time ePortfolio Peer Mentor for the Arts Faculty's Instructional Support & Information Technology (Arts ISIT) department. On an average shift at the job, I provided drop-in support to students making ePortfolios, updated our website resources, and supported faculty in implementing ePortfolios to their courses through workshops and presentations. (Kind of like what I did a year ago as an ePortfolio ambassador!)

I also presented ePortfolio workshops and talks at special events such as the Arts Co-op New Students conference and Geography Student Association's Career Night. As well, I helped organize the 2018/19 Arts Portfolio Student of the Year competition by marketing the contest to instructors and department newsletters.