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UBC Campus and Community Planning: The Green Building Action Plan

From Fall 2017-2018, I had the very exciting and unique opportunity to participate in writing and researching the new UBC Green Building Action Plan (GBAP) for UBC Campus and Community Planning. The GBAP outlines goals, targets, and actions to advance academic and residential buildings at UBC towards making net positive contributions to human and natural systems by 2035.

Advanced GIS: Potential Habitat Analysis for Spiranthes diluvialis

This week, I have been tasked to identify and produce a report on a rare plant species, Spiranthes diluvialis, to help a hypothetical botanist with her field work in the southern Okanagan. Using BC TRIM data, I create a digital elevation model and then use a multi-criteria evaluation methodology to map out ~700 hectares of potential habitat for the botanist to research.

Me talking in a workshop circle at the CIRCLe symposium

My ePortfolio Journey 2016-2018

Here is a timeline of my involvement with ePortfolio making and the UBC Arts ePortfolio program starting from my 3rd year GIS class to the present! As I continue to collaborate with the UBC Arts ePortfolio program I will update this post.

The title of poster which reads "Cultural Appropriation: a spectrum"

Final Project – Cultural Appropriation as a Spectrum

In order shed light on the complexity of cultural appropriation, I worked on a group project to present a variety of commonly discussed examples from popular media and daily life as a spectrum. Through the project, we hope to engage people to think beyond "is this appropriation?" to "if this is appropriation, who benefits and who doesn't?"