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GEOB 270- Intro to GIS

Winter 2016. A journal of my first steps into GIS and its applications in visualizing census data and environmental risk. I learn the basics of projections, coordinate systems, and data collection.

GEOB 370- Advanced Issues in GIS

Winter 2018. I dive deeper into GIS and apply spatial analysis across fields of ecology to crime mapping. I explore least-cost path analysis, multi-objective decision making, statistical methods, and primary data collection.

GEOG 372- Intro to Cartography

Spring 2017. An exploration of cartography methods and visual communication of the spaces around us. I make reference maps, thematic maps, and special purpose maps!

HIST 483- Asian Migrations to the Americas

Spring 2018. I explore ongoing histories of Asian migration, identity formation, and racial discrimination in North America through videos, interviews, digital art and online research.

PLAN 425- Urban Planning Issues and Concepts

Spring 2018. In this course, I become acquainted with prominent urban planning theories such as community consultation, intersectionality, and green cities. I collaborate with the Vancouver Parks Board in a group project to assess environmental education programs in the city.