Final Project – Safer Buildings for Birds: a GIS Analysis

Buildings are the main anthropogenic cause of death for birds in cities, with approximately 16 to 42 million deaths in Canada each year, and around 10,000 deaths at UBC. To investigate this issue as a final project in my Advanced Issues in GIS class, I created a model to identify core institutional buildings of high bird collision risk at UBC. The project aims to recommend UBC operational staff where to target bird friendly design retrofits.

A whiteboard with vocabulary words from an English Conversation Program class on the topic of "Deforestation"

UBC Learning Exchange: Teaching & Learning as an English Conversation Program Facilitator

As an English Conversation Program Facilitator, I am responsible for preparing a lesson plan and guiding discussion for ESL learners on topics selected by the Program Coordinator. While I teach speaking skills, vocabulary, and pronunciation at the Learning Exchange, I'm also always learning from the patrons I meet as we exchange stories, skills, and laughs!

Me talking in a workshop circle at the CIRCLe symposium

My ePortfolio Journey 2016-2018

Here is a timeline of my involvement with ePortfolio making and the UBC Arts ePortfolio program starting from my 3rd year GIS class to the present! This post will be updated as I continue to collaborate with the UBC Arts ePortfolio program.

A poster of the environmental education in downtown Vancouver findings with a map of the community centres and boxes of text explaining the methodology of research, findings, challenges and needs, and recommendations.

Cultivating Environmental Education in Downtown Vancouver

As a term-long project, I worked with a group of 4 students as consultants for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and CityStudio with the goals to: Investigate existing environmental education (EE) programming in community centres and identify opportunities for the Parks Board to expand them.