Feeling Through Conflict: A Reflective Activity for Planners and Designers

Feeling through Conflict is a guided reflective exercise I designed as a final project for my masters of planning course "Design and Planning for Community Power". I mobilized my skills in facilitation and storytelling to create an interactive worksheet for planners & designers engaged in anti-oppressive work.

Final Project – Chinatown Public Space Stewardship Strategy

Community engagement is an integral ingredient in planning decision-making. For my final project in my "Communication in the Face of Power" course as a Planning master student, I created a community engagement strategy and poster for a hypothetical project in Vancouver's Chinatown.

Me talking in a workshop circle at the CIRCLe symposium

My ePortfolio Journey 2016-2018

Here is a timeline of my involvement with ePortfolio making and the UBC Arts ePortfolio program starting from my 3rd year GIS class to the present! This post will be updated as I continue to collaborate with the UBC Arts ePortfolio program.

The banner of the @canrasrilankanplus Instagram page with an icon of the storefront sign and a short bio about the location and account purpose for HIST 483

Documenting Asian-Canadian Experiences: Canra Sri Lankan Plus

Food isn't just food, it's nourishment, culture, community, and a livelihood! This is the idea my teammates and I had in mind when we first started this project to document and narrate the stories of Canra Sri Lankan, our favourite food court stall in the International Village Plaza mall.

A wall covered in sticky notes with drawings used in the stop-motion video "Ombre"

Documenting Asian-Canadian Experiences: Ombre- a Stop-Motion Animation

As the first assignment for my HIST 483 - Asian Migrations to the Americas class I was given the "simple" task of "representing a class partner in video, text, or sound". I chose to make a stop-motion draw-my-life style video! This assignment mostly gave us the chance to experiment with video-making and interviewing subjects for later assignments.

A thematic map of Oregon Spotted Frog Population and Recovery Programs in BC 1998-2010 showing populations of frogs in their habitats

Final Project – Oregon Spotted Frog Recovery in BC

For the final project of my GEOB 372- Introduction to Cartography course, we were tasked to make a thematic map on any issue we were interested in. As a volunteer for educational programs at the Vancouver Aquarium, I decided to use my cartography skills to make an educational proportional symbol map that would summarize the current state of Oregon Spotted Frog populations and recovery programs in BC from 1998-2010.